The Most Helpful Summer Travel Tips

Summers are here and with the sun shining bright on our heads and the mercury levels rising to a good 45 degree Celsius, we know that it’s here to stay. The month of May has started and that marks the month of final exams or summer break. The kids are already gearing up for an adventurous summer break but here’s what we think. Why not plan a summer holiday with family this year? Sending them off to a summer camp may seem like an ideal option but why send the kids away when you can plan and enjoy this adventure with them.Summer is all about reunions, family, adventure and bonding. In our opinion travelling to a new place or visiting your hometown can be a fun activity if you take the below steps in consideration before you zip those bags!Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!We cannot even begin to explain how important it is to stay active and fit before or during your travel. People often confuse the concept of relaxation with no exercise. Absolutely not! Every holiday requires you to be physically fit, it’s quite clear that either you will be hiking, swimming, driving for long hours, walking or even sight-seeing. You cannot perform any of the stated activities unless you are active and robust. Hence start exercising or go for long walks as it will help build your stamina and improve your mental and emotional well-being as well. Why pay for such an expensive holiday if you are come back exhausted and watch TV rest of the day.Eat HealthyFruits, vegetables and fresh fruit juices is what we have in store for your diet chart this summer. Remember a bag of crisps and cola may seem the perfect snack but isn’t this what you snack on all year round. If you are visiting a new country or a new culture then why don’t you indulgence yourself in their seasonal fruits and juices? it will keep you from being dehydrated and will fit in your fitness plan.Remember you don’t need those bags under your eyes from excessive salt and sugar intake!Stay HydratedRemember it’s a “summer break”, the activities that you have planned for your holiday will require you come out in the sun for longer periods of time. It’s important to pack extra bottles of water with you at all times and take a fresh gulp of water from time to time to keep yourself hydrated and replenished. If you get dehydrated then in extreme situations there are chances of getting a heat stroke and fainting.Pack Light And WiselyWhile travelling it’s important to travel light and pack ONLY the most essential things otherwise you will have to spend most of the time worrying for your baggage other than enjoying your stay.SunscreenThere is no such thing as a summer vacation without an SPF 30 at least. Invest in a good sunscreen and make it a habit of slathering it on your body before you head out in the sun to prevent skin problems and diseases in future.

France Wedding and Honeymoon Travel Tips

Plan Ahead Make your reservations six months to a year ahead if possible. Early booking can mean discounts on air and a wider selection of accommodations to choose from.Best Time To Travel Romance in France has no season. A favorite time of year to travel here might be spring and fall when the weather is perfect. Summer is also a nice, but it can be crowded with tourists. August is the hottest month and much of France is on holiday, so if all possible avoid August or book the Riviera early. Winter is a great time to visit with great deals for the off season and less crowds of tourists.How Long To Stay We suggest at least 4 days in Paris, but for many even a week is not enough in this the “City of Lights”. Honeymooners often choose Paris and one other region. This will give you a chance to discover and experience the romance of Paris and one other beautiful region. Popular choices are also Provence, Loire Valley, and the French Riviera where you could easily stay a week in each.Food Dining is always top on the list for travelers, especially honeymooners. The food and wine in France are among the best in the world. This is a food experience you will not soon forget. Reservations at fine restaurants should be made in advance. Some restaurants can be booked months ahead, so book early if you have a special meal in mind.Photographs You will treasure every moment and memory with every picture you take. You may even manage to snap a few pictures suitable for framing in your home. So click away!Plan to relax When you arrive in France, you will be jet lagged and may need some down time. Weddings can be stressful, so take time to relax and enjoy each other.Accommodations Book the best room that you can afford. France Journeys personally selects hotels, chateaux, and B&B’s for their charm, ambiance, service, and location. Do not leave anything to chance and keep in mind that upgrades once you arrive, especially in peak season may not be possible.Packing Pack as light as possible and be sure to put clothes for both you and your spouse in each suitcase. This can help if one bag is lost or delayed. Always pack jewelry, medications, and travel documents in your carry-on bag.Wedding In France Getting married in France may be a dream come true, but a professional may be able to ease the burden of complying with French marriage laws. Below are a few things that may give you an idea of what you may have to do.· Non French citizens wishing to marry in France need several documents. You will need your passport or French residence permit and a new birth certificate.· You will need a French lawyer to draw up documents attesting to your right to marry and a certificate of celibacy.· French law requires at least 40 days of residency before you can have a civil ceremony. This ceremony is done at the local French city hall. You will need two proofs of residency to prove your 40 day residency.· You will also need a medical exam by a French doctor.· A religious ceremony can be held once the civil ceremony is complete. You must present a civil marriage certificate before the ceremony can take place. If you opt for only a religious ceremony to eliminate much of the stress, simply have a small civil ceremony at home and bring your certificate, family and friends with you.· An officially recognized French translator to translate all documents is a must and to translate the wedding ceremony if necessary.